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Ready to Bumble!

Ready to Bumble

Ready to Bumble

Well OK, I did steal the title and I don’t just mean the obvious reference to the WWF (or WWE or whatever) but the Grand Theft Auto San Andreas mini game where you guide a bee past clouds as I recall it was quite dull but I did make it to level six.

Although at this point my Ready to Bumble is just a proof of concept consisting of a bee visiting various flowers and a hive which rotate when you interact with them. You guide the bee around by motioning in front of your webcam. The motion capture scripts an be found at, but my Bumble concept is not available to the public at this point in time but when I shift this over to a blog on my domain I’ll probably post it. As I get better at working with the action script I would like to add a lot more details like scoring points (’cause chicks only dig guys with points) for collecting pollen and  and fighting enemies perhaps with a Lewis gun, y’know bees and their Lewis Guns. Maybe I’ll throw in a timer, various challenges or a Grue.

The process of making it was quite enlightening, lots of struggling to get the code to work. In the past in flash I’ve mainly used timeline animations with fairly minimal coding, so this was quite a bit more robust in coding terms than say my website or any of the other projects I produced.

Good challenges, good times!

Concept Art

Concept Art




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